Themo - step into the future

First truly intelligent thermostat that checks the electricity price when heating your home.

Do not pay more than You should

Themo uses thousands of data points to understand when to switch on your heating. For this it takes into account real time electricity spot price, outside weather, your preset temperature levels and your home unique consumption profile.

Intelligent heating keeps your floor warm while you pay up to 60% less to your electricity supplier. Themo saves on average 8€/m2 per year.

Powered by renewable electricity!

The price of electricity always drops when there is a lot of solar and wind energy being produced. Themo breathes as one with the nature and heats up the floor when there is cheap and green energy available in the grid. As less fossil fuels are needed, a 5 m2 with Themo intelligence can save up to 500kg of CO2 emissions in a year to your environment.
Themo interactive LED circle changes its color based on current electricity price. By glowing red, it indicates that the price is at the peak and it would be a good idea to wait with using your other energy expensive home appliances as well.

How Themo works

Swap your old thermostat for Themo, connect it to your WiFi and start to use it.

By using spot prices and weather forecast, Themo knows when are the cheapest times to heat your floor.

Easy to schedule your temperature through mobile app. Control your heating and monitor the savings Themo brings you.

  • Free transport
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Mobile control and analytics

User friendly

  • Web-control- turn heating on and off from mobile devices
  • Weather forecast - Themo takes into account weather forecast
  • 7 day temperature set points
  • Monitor consumption
  • Works also without internet access
  • AI and electricity price based SLS optimization


  • You keep the total control over your heating!
  • SSL encryption and secured data
  • CE certified


  • 230V/12A, max load 2,6kW
  • Connects to Wi-Fi
  • Manual temperature range 5-40 degrees
  • 16xRGB LED, configure colors
  • Touch button on front panel
  • Works with most floor heating temperature sensors
  • 2 year warranty
The future of energetics is based on innovative solutions. Technology for Themo is based on scientific research done in TalTech and it will help to solve the problems of tomorrow’s energetics

Argo Rosin

ScD, TUT Faculty of Power Engineering, Vice-Dean for Research

Themo is one of the first IoT solutions, that truly is intelligent and that can significantly optimize energy costs for home and business owners

Martin Goroško

CEO of Tehnopol Incubator

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