Frequently asked questions

Intelligent control

How exactly does Themo reduce my electricity bill?

  • First, Themo’s artificial intelligence will learn the characteristics of your floor. Then, by looking the electricity prices and weather forecasts of the next day, Themo will know when and how much to heat your floor to keep it warm and to keep your bills as low as possible. If you have a spot based electricity tariff, then your electricity supplier will take into account when and how much energy have you used.

What happens when internet connection is lost?

  • Themo can optimize the energy consumption up to 24 hours without internet connection. If the connection does not restore, then Themo will automatically go to a manual mode and hold the preset temperature.

Can I still use Themo if I do not have Wi-Fi?

  • Yes. On the front panel, Themo has a button with which you can regulate your floor temperature. Without access to Wi-Fi, however, Themo is unable to optimize the energy cost.

Will my floor get cold because the electricity price is high?

  • No. Themo will always keep the minimum temperature that you have set. It will just find the cheapest way to achieve this.

What type of electricity tariff and package should I have?

  • Themo will work and lower costs regardless of how or whom you buy electricity. However, the best results are achieved when you buy electricity with spot priced packages.

Do I need to have a smart meter installed in my house?

  • You can control and monitor your Themo without a smart meter. Smart meters are only needed if you wish to gain vantage from SLS electricity price optimization, because then your electricity supplier can monitor how much energy you consumed in every hour. You can ask from your electricity supplier when a smart meter will be installed to your home. In Estonia, for example, by 2017 100% of houses will have smart meters installed.


What do I get when I order a Themo?

  • Themo thermostat
  • Floor temperature sensor
  • Manuals and instructions for using Themo

How many Themos do I need?

  • One Themo is needed for every heating zone that is desired to control.

How does Themo connect with Wi-Fi?

  • When Themo is being configured, it will search all nearby Wi-Fi signals. You can then choose your network and hit connect. Everything else can be done already through the mobile user interface.

Can I use Themo with my water boiler, heat pump or water based floor heating?

  • Not yet. Right now Themo is specifically designed to control electric floor heating that has electricity cables in the floor as a heating source. Themo for water boilers and heat pumps are in development and will reach the first customers in second half of 2017.

What do I need to have to use Themo?

  • First, you must have electric floor heating (wildly used in bathrooms). Secondly, you need to have an old thermostat (or thermostat socket) on your wall to control the heating. One thermostat is needed for every heating zone. For best results, Wi-Fi is also suggested to connect your Themo with it.

How will Themo be installed?

  • First, your old thermostat is removed from the wall. Then, wires coming from the wall will be connected to the back end of Themo and Themo will be set into the socket of the old thermostat. When powered on, Themo can be configured based on your desires.

When and who will install my Themo?

  • Like all electrical appliances, Themo must be installed by a professional electrician. Today, our electricians offer installations only in Estonia. An electrician will contact you and agree a time for the installation. It takes approximately 20 minutes to install and configure Themo.

Payment info

If I wish to order more than one Themo, how much will the installation cost?

  • Installation fee includes the installment of up to 5 Themos in a single house. If installment of more Themos are needed, please contact us at:

Money back guarantee

  • We wish to offer you highest level of security and service. Therefore, if for some reason Themo is not the right control for your heating, we are willing to buy 100% back within 30days. No questions asked.


Can I get access to API if I wish to integrate Themo with other home control solutions?

  • Not at the moment. However, SLS optimization software has an API and this can be used to optimize other appliances as well. Just write us at:

How long is warranty period?

  • Warranty for Themo is 2 years.

How can I access Themo user interface?

  • Themo user interface can be accessed with any internet capable device.

Are you storing my data?

  • We take very seriously the privacy and security of your data. Since Themo needs to know the temperature and the power of the floor heating to operate, we store the data anonymously and keep them in secured data storages.